Friday, February 6, 2009



The following are some of the things I think are the hardest shit in the world to do! Enjoy, comment, be good!

Opening a new CD

Not looking directly at a chicks titties when they bounce everytime she says a consonant

Talk to your mom on the phone while you're high, Mom: "Hey baby, how was class today?" You: "Yea the shoestrings in them joints was too long, so I just decided to tuck them in"

Pull Out

Get your drawers out of your ass in public

To tell someone that they have a white spit wedge in the corner of their mouth

Not to do the Harlem Shake for 3 seconds when you hear "Grindin" by the Clipse

Not to laugh when a grown woman rolls her ankle on the sidewalk

Not to look at the ball of meat on the back of a niggas ear that has encountered a bad earring day

To pour Muhammad Ali some of your Skittles

Thank You

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