Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Man Law Monday

No 2 men can watch the Grammy's together

No man can take ice skating lessons

No man's profile name on Myspace can begin with an *, ~, or # sign.

No man can put one finger up while excusing himself in church

No man can sit in the bed in his t-shirt, shorts, and socks while eating ice cream

No man can utter the phrase, "I'm addicted to (Insert Reality Show name here)

No man can suck his teeth in disagreement

No man can complain about the price of facial cream

No man can use his girl's Bath and Bodyworks products

No man can send you a text that looks like this: "wHaT's uP mAn, wHeN iS yOuR sUpPoSeD tO jUmP??

Thank you!

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