Monday, June 15, 2009

Man Law Monday

No man can suck his teeth and say..."Ugghh...I hate the Lakers, they always win"

No man can say, "I wonder if Shannon Brown is related to Chris, every time I see one I think about the other"

No man can say..."I just don't like Kobe because he is arrogant" flash. He is worth 100's of millions of dollars...think about how arrogant you get when you get fresh haircut

No man can say..."Even his puppet is arrogan"

No man can own a Lakers bedroom set

No man can say..."Dang...they foulin Dwight Howard everytime, I know he got big shoulders and all, but damn"

No man can talk shit about Kobe's daughters' outfits after the game (No matter how Mexican it was)

No man can wear Laker's flip flops without socks

No man can say..."Man Andrew Bynum got a high butt"

No man can say that the Lakeshow aint the shit!!!


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