Friday, January 16, 2009

The Education

So I got an idea for a segment from my good friend
(Good lookin Natalie Naomi Robinson, Someone reported her website so I cant plug it, hit her up and she will direct you) telling me to do something to help educate chicks on what we like, dislike, and some other interesting things you may not know about the male species. But you know I'm a little different, so check it out. Fellas don't be too mad I'm giving away some secrets, Ladies ask questions and I will try and answer this time. Comment if ya dig!

Ladies, our testicular area is the warmest part of our body, thats why our hands are always down there, its like holding on to some fresh baked cookies

Ladies, Porn Head (Ex: Slobbing, spitting, noisemaking) makes our joints 2 inches longer
Ladies, we dont ever want to be compared to the last dude, if he was doing so much for you, lets bring his ass back so he can help the both of us out

Ladies, we know we stink after workin out or playin ball A) no need to tell us how we smell B) no need to put your nose up to our clothes and shit like it may smell better the closer it gets to your face

Ladies, saying anything during sex that you heard in a porn movie will make us cum fast. You say, "Don't stop, harder, harder", we hear "Gone head and bust dat nut bruh"

Ladies, we will say yes to anything...if you say it from your knees with a mouth full of children

Ladies, please floss

Ladies, we like going to the strip club because them hoes dont care...and that's should try it some time

Ladies, we dont care which dress you stop asking...our real answer is the one that comes off the easiest

Ladies, we are all for the comfortable attire when kickin it around the house, but the more you come to bed looking like a FULL BAG OF CHIPS, the less likely we are to eat you, "Bet I can eat just one!"

Thank You

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