Friday, January 30, 2009

My Favorite Ni99az un the Whole Wide World

This goes out to all my favorite Ni99as in the world. A Ni99a comes in all colors, ages, genders, and backgrounds. These are just the ones that we all know and love. Enjoy

Da Ni99a dat feels like he has to talk to everyone on speaker phone no matter who is around

Da Ni99a dat pays for everything with a bag of change

Da Ni99a dat is always drunk and fed up with the stuck up women in the clubs You: "Man what's wrong w/ you? MFN: "Man I'm tired of these greedy ass chicks that come to the club and only want a baller, I asked her did she want me to buy her a drink, and she talkin bout 'nah I can't right now I'm with child, Bitch I aint buyin 2 damn drinks!!!

Da Ni99a dat does crack but always manages to get his hands on the newest shit

Da Ni99a dat works at the Black Wendy's that get's mad at you for ordering a "Special Made Sandwich"

Da Ni99a dat always has the New Jordans on but won't pay the $10 cover charge at the bar

Da Ni99a dat gets mad at old people when they walk to slow in front of them

Da Ni99a dat has sex w/ 3 different chicks a week but gets mad at his main chick for having too many male friends on MySpace

Da Ni99a dat was singing I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T hard as hell in the club, but waited 30 minutes to get in free, waited 20 minutes to get a free drink, then left and got smashed for 10 guessed it...for free

Da Ni99a dat no matter what, always has a story that tops the one you just told. You: "Man I knew this dude back in college that jumped off the 2nd floor on campus into the pool, shit was crazy" MFN: Shiiiiiiit, I know this dude that could jump so high, I saw him grab a squirrel out a tree, on my momma!"

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