Thursday, January 15, 2009


Who remembers putting cups in the cupboard upside down to keep the roaches out?

What the fuck is that bitch MIA talkin about on Paper Planes? (Pirates, Skulls, and Bones??)

When is Plies gonna come out and admit that he is Kirk Franklin w/ a grill?

Where are all of the baby pigeons?

Why did you used to have friends that smelled like their house? You know that gentle mix of arms, cheetos, earring backs, and hotdog water?

Who still wears valour suits?

What was the nigga that invented male thongs thinking? "Yea and that part right there goes directly in your ass...yea, dat part right dere!"

When are black people gonna stop paying for shit that costs more than $5 with all change?

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego? And where does this bitch get all this money for travel in this economy?

Why was JJ from Goodtimes living in poverty, but decided to take up such an expensive hobby as painting? Probably could've used some of that money to buy shit that mattered, like food, and turtlenecks.

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