Friday, January 23, 2009


You know what time it is...Comedy Corner time...enjoy and comment. New Day...same me! I just decided to write about some things I find funny in life.

How a stripper will wipe down the pole with alcohol but will let people throw dirty dollar bills right on their cooch!

How white men won't wash their hands in the bathroom but always want to shake hands when they meet you

How the response to a chick saying, "I'm on my period" used to be "Damn", when you get older the response is "Is it light or heavy?"

How Waffle House took advantage of the fact that poor people eat breakfast at all hours of the day. When was the last time you saw a nice car in the parking lot? I'll wait...

How a chick will get mad when you bust in their mouth, Her: "I said tell me when you are bout to cum. You: "I said...ahhhhhhh!!!"

How they found somebody in NOTORIOUS that looks just like Craig Mack

How older women keep their Carpel Tunnels brace on during sex like, "You goin bowlin after this or somethin?"

How little kids want to come up to you and show you their coloring book, and I'm like, "Man...this shit is gahhhhhbage, you all outside the lines and shit, you need to start over fam!"

How a homeless man can ask for money when he has on an iPod, "Yo, you can sell that and eat for a month"

How some girls still buy Apple Bottom Jeans when they should probably go cop them new Watermelon Bottom Jeans

How if somebody's car breaks down in front of you, you choose to curse them out instead of help!

How some chicks come to the club thinkin they fly and still have baby powder residue in the middle of their chest

How you are reading this at work/library/lab trying not to laugh out loud

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