Thursday, May 28, 2009

If Cartoon Characters Were Real...

Welcome, welcome, welcome back to Thursday Comedy Corner. For your enjoyment I present to you:

If Cartoon Characters Were Real

I would definitely try to fuck Smurfette to see if the condom turns blue

Tony the Tiger would scare the shit out of everyone at the Gay Club (obviously only a gay dude would wear only a scarf around his neck while butt naked)

Quagmire would be the first to be on "Dateline To Catch A Predator"
Quagmire: Hey there sweetie, how old are you?
Connie: 16.
Quagmire: 18? You're first.

I would mob to the club w/ Richie Rich and stunt on all you hoes!!! Poppin massive bottles!

If the Tazmanian Devil spits on me one more time I will fight his ass

Mickey Mouse would be mad at Michael Jackson for stealing his swag, Gloves...White Face w/ Black Hair, and love for little boys

I would definitely burn one with Cookie Monster...anyone that eats that many cookies has to have the munchies

I would tell Wile E. Coyote to stop fucking w/ ACME and get w/ Smith & Wesson

I would try and get to know Dora the Explorers' connect...she can go anywhere on the security checkpoint, I know she keep that work

The PowerPuff girls would go on that show "Intervention"...the only people with eyes that big are crackheads


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