Friday, May 22, 2009

Wouldn't These Twitter Updates Be Crazy

Since it's the new craze, decided I would snap some shit about it...entitled...
"Wouldn't These Twitter Updates Be Crazy?"

"Damn, offed a white chick and was good, got 75 for stealing some football"

"Man this cave startin to stink!!!"

"Damn I cant even bust a nut w/out it making CNN...FUCK!!!!"

"Who's the best?...haha...I raped a white chick raw dizzle in the ass...and until now, yall forgot...haha"

"I sucked the right one babay...uhh huh!!!"

"I fucked the right one babay...uhh huh!!!"


"man got damn...its a fuckin dog!!!"

"dem niggas down there wildin"

"Wow...I should write a book called, tear shit up...and flee the scene!"

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