Friday, April 10, 2009

10 Most Awesome Things in the World in My Eyes

This list I have compiled are the 10 Most Awesome Things in the World in my eyes. Enjoy!

1) The creator of volleyball uniforms

2) Titties

3) The first person that thought it was a good idea to put your balls by the jet stream in the jacuzzi

4) Ladies night

5) The 8 minutes of footage after Halle Berry says, "Make me feel good" in Monster's Ball

6) The reaction of the first father that had to hear his only son ask, "Daddy, can you drive me to dance practice?"
7) Boyshorts

8) Baby Oil Gel on a stripper

9) Bubblegum Blunt Power

10) Knowing that to keep a man like Obama, Michelle's head game has got to be the most vicious on the Soutside of Chicago

Thank You

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