Friday, April 3, 2009

Most Inappropriate Things to Think in Church

This one right here may be my letter of intent to sign a full scholarship for hell...but oh well...doin it for yall! This one is entitled

Most Inappropriate Things to Think in Church

"Damn Pastor's wife got a big ass, and that limp is kinda sexy"

"Why they let this retarded boy do the same speech every Easter, he's 29 now"

"Damn, Mrs. Gynn breath smells like Holy Shit mixed with a sweaty choir robe"

"Church long as hell, soon as I get home ima put in that new Bootytalk joint and go Ham!"

"Did that Usher just touch my ass when she showed me to my seat?"

"Look at her up there in the choir, them lungs are strong because I swear she didnt come up for air on my meat last night"

"Damn, Deacon Smith needs to stop coming to church, he looks like he's about to die in 5 minutes"

"Did I take my Chlamydia pill this morning?"

"The Minister of Music is about to give us diabetes he is so sweet, ugggh"

"I wonder if Jesus was fuckin"

Thank You

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