Monday, April 27, 2009

Man Law Monday

No man can compliment how well the pastor's suit fits

No man can ask another man if he can, "change his oil"

No 2 men can be in the same slot of a revolving door

No man can tell another man that is not a professional athelete that he is a beast

No man can ask the bootleg movie man at the barbershop, "Ay yo, you got that Obsessed joint?"

No man can buy a Nutrageous

No man can have a crease in his jeans

No man can tell another man he has "fresh breath"

No man can text a chick saying, "You hurt my feelings by not answering my call"

No man can tell another man that he dropped something, then watch him pick it up

If you're in the ATL this weekend check me out at SugarHill in the Underground this Sunday May 3rd from 7-9pm. Snack Pack Improv Comedy. Click the link to check out the last show. Hit me for advance tix.

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