Thursday, April 30, 2009

Things You Wouldn't Say At A Daycare

HELLO WORLD!! You know what time it is...come get in this corner! I call this one

"Hey lil girl, you must look like your father"

" cute, I just want to kidnap you and see how much you cost"

"Who wants to learn how to roll a blunt?"

"Lil dude in the corner with the helmet on is having an awesome time"

"And the secret word of the day is, 'Poontang' "

"Hey is that your mom over there with the fat ass?"

"Little boys that think girls are yucky usually grow up to be fudgepackers, ok?"

"Damn is that an adult 7 1/2 fitted hat? You got a grown man's head"

"Being a tattle tale can end up getting you stabbed in the shower"

"Alright reading time, who in here has heard of King Magazine?"

Got the advanced ticket list for my Improv Comedy show at SugarHill in ATL Sunday (5/3). If you got my number, hit me...if not email and we will make it work. $10 with me...$15 at the door, come out and support ya boy!

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