Friday, April 24, 2009

Good Things Crackheads Do

WHADAFUXUP? This is a topic that rarely gets discussed so I took it upon myself to bring it to light. I call this, "Good Things Crackheads Do". Enjoy!

They are always there when you need a random pack of tube socks

They can wash your entire car with a bucket, an unlabeled spray bottle, and a towel/shirt

They are the source for all the dance crazes (The Roy, Harlem Shake, Stanky Leg..etc)

You won't be able to get a 37" flat screen for $40 anywhere else

They are Earth friendly, instead of cutting your grass with a lawnmower they choose scissors

Crackheads gone wild is an awesome DVD

$2 blow jobs

Even though you may end up with less stuff, they can get your entire house moved in 2 hours

They show the children what they can become if they don't do their homework

For $2 they will watch your car while you are in the club, for $5 they will build a brick wall around it and hire a pitbull

Thank You

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